Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Play Dough Recipe

It is Spring Break in Texas!  For my family that means a trip to the rodeo, sleeping late, playing outside after dark, and relaxing.  One way that my youngest son and I like to relax and have fun is with homemade play dough.  Last week a mom of a student in my preschool class donated a batch of green Kool-aid play dough to our classroom.  In addition to it being a green color, it smells like lemon-lime Kool-aid.  The smell intensifies as it is poked, kneaded, and rolled.

After a few days of free exploration with the green dough, shamrock figures, rollers, cutters, and extruders, I added a bowl of gold glitter. The preschoolers took a ball of dough, flattened it, and then sprinkled it with pinches of gold glitter.  They kneaded the dough to incorporate the glitter and create St. Patrick's Day Play Dough.  The kids worked many of their small motor skills as the dough began to sparkle.

My co-teacher added pipe cleaners in every color of the rainbow to our dough center.  She modeled how to place two small balls of dough on the mat and then poke in the pipe cleaners to create rainbows.  Amazing!  Everyone was highly motivated to pinch, poke, and bend their pipe cleaners into rainbow shapes.  They had no idea that they were developing their tri-pod grasp and exercising the intrinsic muscles in their hands as they explored.

Now my own son, along with his older siblings and a few random neighbor kids, get to reap the benefits of a nice ball of St. Patrick's Day Play Dough.  They can knead, shape, and roll the dough as my kitchen is filled with a fresh citrus scent.  Of course this dough doesn't have to be enjoyed just at St. Patrick's Day, it could be made anytime of the year.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Kool-Aid Play Dough Recipe

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
1 package Kool-Aid (.13 ounce, lemon lime flavor)
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
gold glitter
pipe cleaners in every color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

  1. Whisk the dry ingredients (flour, salt, cream of tartar, and dry Kool-Aid crystals) together in a heavy bottomed saucepan.
  2. Add the wet ingredients (water and oil).
  3. Stir the mixture together over medium heat until mixture thickens and a ball begins to form.  Turn off heat.
  4. Turn dough out onto a floured surface and knead, adding flour to hands and surface as needed.
  5. Cool dough completely and store in a zip-lock bag or other air-tight container. 
  6. Knead gold glitter into green dough.  Explore with rainbow colored pipe cleaners.
  7. Use a variety of tools (rolling pin, pizza cutter, garlic press, empty tins, tongs, etc.) to explore with dough.
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  2. Wonderful, fun recipe. I love the fact it has kool aid.

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  4. What a great idea. Play dough can be used for so many different fun ideas. It's nice to have a fun recipe to make your own.

    I loved this so much that I shared them on my Sunday Shout Out!

  5. What a cute idea. I love the pipe cleaner rainbow! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  6. Once you have a good idea of your pipe shape, you can slowly start sanding away unwanted briar with your Dremel tool, using the tool's various sanding discs and stones. Take your time!

  7. Very brilliant. Keep on expanding your creativity.

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  11. I love the pipe cleaner rainbow! I'm going to go get some out of our stash and add them to our St. Patrick's day play dough.

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