Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog Party

If the Sonic the Hedgehog Cake and the Pin the Tail on Tails game were the stars of the show, the tattoos, piñata and ring pretzels were the best supporting roles.  Also, the Sonic party supplies from Birthday Express created the amazing set. Although a good kid's birthday party can appear effortless, much planning and preparation goes into everyone of them.

We started our Sonic the Hedgehog party, also know as my son's sixth birthday party, with free play in his room.  Prior to the party, we gave the bedroom a good cleaning and purge.  We put away games with small pieces and breakable items, and strategically placed durable and exciting toys such as action figures, legos, and wooden blocks around the room. The party guests ranged in age from five to seven so they were able to enjoy each other's company and occupy themselves while everyone arrived.

Sonic tattoos were also available during the arrival time.  My fourteen year old daughter set up a tattoo station complete with a small bowl of water, paper towels, and sonic tattoos.  She let them choose a tattoo or two and also pick where on their body that they wanted them to be placed.  A tattoo station is a great way to welcome hesitant guests and also to calm the mood when the energy levels escalate.

When everyone had arrived at our home for the Sonic party, we played Pin the Tail on Tails and then went outside to our driveway.  We gathered in a circle and played "Sonic, Sonic, Shadow" which is a variation on "Duck, Duck, Goose".  My older sons and I modeled the game for the boys and helped to build excitement.  This game is another activity that can be adapted to many themes - "Mario, Mario, Luigi", "Astronaut, Astronaut, Alien", "Princess, Princess, Frog", and many more.

After we expended some energy playing "Sonic, Sonic,Shadow", we moved over to the Sonic the Hedgehog piñata.  Prior to the party my husband had rigged it up to the basketball hoop in our driveway.  In the past he has utilized a pulley and a rope in order to suspend the piñata from a tree.  The crucial thing for piñatas at our parties is that they need to be lowered and raised as the children hits them.  The first round we blind fold each child for his turn.  If the piñata is still in tact after every child has had a turn, we then go through the line again allowing the children to see what they are hitting.  I also give each child a labeled and decorated paper lunch sack to place their goodies into when the piñata breaks.

After the games  we made our way into the kitchen where each birthday child had a Sonic place mat with activities on the back.  I served baby Sprites, which are a real treat in our house, to all the thirsty party goers.  Besides cake and ice cream cups, we also had M&M's, Mario gummies (no Sonic gummies to be found, but I heard Sonic and Mario go way back), and pretzel rings.  My sons and husband had informed me that golden rings are a critical part of the whole Sonic experience.  For weeks I scoured the grocery store shelves in search of any yellowish ring-shaped food items.  I thought of making ring sugar cookies, but ran out of time.  I remembered butterscotch flavored lifesavers, but never did find them.  Finally, just two days before the party, I spotted everything bagel pretzels.  It took all of my self-control not to grab the unsuspecting shopper that was contemplating nacho chips  a few feet away from me and share with him my glee at finding a suitable ring-shaped party food.  To add to the Sonic effect my husband tossed the rings up and let them land on each plate as he passed them out to the boys.

We ended the party with my tried-and-true present opening technique, which I explain here, and some running around time outside. Sonic likes to race and so do little boys.  At the conclusion of the party each boy got to take home a Sonic goodie bag that I purchased from Birthday Express, their piñata treat bag, and a Sonic activity place mat.  When all of the guests were gone and my children were busy exploring the new gifts, my husband and I collapsed into our favorite chairs and basked in the after party glow.  A successful home birthday party takes much preparation, a bit of creativity, some family teamwork, and lots of energy.  Although it is exhausting, it is always worth it.


  1. Sounds like a fun party :) I've just been working on planning my son's sixth birthdday party too. I am definitely wanting to check out those everything bagel pretzels. Sounds like a potential winner. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Looks like such a fun party. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party tomorrow.
    More The Merrier Monday.

  3. This is totally a party that my brother or I could have had. How crazy to think that Sonic (or all characters!) is still going strong 20 years later.
    And, yes, the song is back in my head, no thanks so you ;)

    Sonic! He's got an attitude. Sonic! He's the fastest thing alive! He's the faaaastest thing aaaaaliiiive!

  4. Whoops! "Of all characters" would make a bit more sense, huh?

    Are they still using that same theme song or has it been revamped?

  5. Happy Belated Birthday ..Lovely your party and amazing your idea .thanks for nice posting

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. Also, that cake is amazing!!

  7. What a great party! The cake was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I would love if you shared this project on our party themed linky party at:

  8. The set-up is very simple yet captivating. I love the vibrant color of the cake cobalt blue; it reminds me of old days in front of the game pushing A B buttons of that video game.

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