Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Teachers Gift

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For Valentine's Day, my children are giving their teachers colorful treat bags filled with People Puppy Chow.  People Puppy Chow, which we have also been known to call Snow Candy on occasion, is an easy to make snack made of Crispix cereal, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and powdered sugar.  We prepare batches of it for snacks, parties, and holidays.

Valentine treat bag filled with People Puppy Chow

People Puppy Chow a.k.a Snow Candy

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  1. How adorable, my boys would get a kick out of this! Thanks for sharing this fun idea to The Valentines Party!

  2. We love puppy chow over here! I'm doing a link up on Eat 2gather..stop by and link up one of your delicious recipes! ; )

  3. What a GREAT gift idea for teachers for Valentine's Day!!! Fun to make together with the kiddos and then pack up to take. Love this. Linking over from Eat 2 Gather.

  4. People Puppy Chow! As a dog lover, I just love the name of this snack! This is such a wonderful gift for teachers and just about anyone. Thanks for sharing.