Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pin the Tail on Sonic's Tails

Planning and implementing a birthday party is a team effort at my house.  The birthday boy or girl comes up with the theme (often months in advance) and the guest list, the siblings offer suggestions for food and fun relating to the motif, my husband offers lots of love and support and orchestrates the piñata.  I do everything else prepare the cake.  

For our recent Sonic the Hedgehog party, my creative and gracious husband also whipped up an impressive "Pin the Tail on Tails" game.  Aside from the Sonic racing cake, it was definitely the hit of the party.  In fact, we love it so much that we have been unable to bring ourselves to take it down.  For the time being, our living room is accented with a poster of Sonic's foxy friend, Tails.

In order to create the Pin-the-Tail-on-Tails game, my husband first searched Google Images for pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog's buddy, Tails.  He found a few pictures that accented the tail portion of the character while still showing this fast fox's cute face and fun shoes.  He then sketched Tails onto a piece of poster board with a pencil.

Next her traced over the pencil lines with a black sharpie marker.  He used a dotted line for Tail's tail.  After he had the outline completed, he went back and erased the exposed pencil lines.  Finally,  he colored Tails using a combination of crayons and magic markers.

He also labeled the game poster with the clever title "Pin the Tail on Tails".

When the poster was complete, my husband created a template of the tail.  I cut out tail shapes from orange and brown construction paper.  I labeled one tail with each party guest's name.  Prior to the party, I hung the poster on a closet door in our living room, draped a bandanna around the door knob, and clipped the labeled tails onto the poster with a clothes pin.

During the game portion of the party we played Pin the Tail on Tails!  We blindfolded each guest starting with the birthday boy and his friends and ending with random siblings.  We checked for peaking and spun the player around three times.  I handed the blindfolded boy his tail with tape on the back.  Just like in the classic birthday party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, the slightly disoriented child placed his tail as close to the mark as possible and was encouraged with lots of cheers from the crowd. 

That tail that is closest to Tail's tail is the winner, although everyone is a winner at Pin the Tail on Tails.

I am a big fan of classic birthday parties that included classic birthday party games.  During the past fourteen years we have used Pin the Tail on the Donkey to inspire a variety of theme related games.  We have pinned the bow on Hello Kitty, pinned the spider on Spider Man's web, pinned the four on Mr. Fantastic, and now we can add pin the tail on Tails to our list.  I am grateful that my entire family pitches into the party planning and implementing process and I am especially grateful that I have a husband that is willing and able to do whatever it takes to provide his children with a memorable party experience. 


  1. Oh Wondering your Painting very nice job. i like that and great idea of painting. best details shred in the post.thanks

  2. Great artistic talent! One tail was clearly the winner.

  3. Thanks for the great ideas. I especially love the "Pin the Tail on Tails" idea.

  4. Love this idea... it's so obvious... but wouldn't have come up with it on my own ;) Planning a party for this weekend and need to add this to my list of things to do!! THANK YOU for sharing!!