Thursday, November 4, 2010

Night Sky Birthday Cake Directions

This year my son requested a Night Sky Cake for his birthday.  I probed his almost nine year old brain to find out exactly what a night sky cake is and instead found out what a night sky cake is not.  Although he is a fan of Star Wars, he was not talking about a Star Wars cake (been there, done that). Despite the fact that he likes planets, he did not want a cake with the planets on it. He also pointed out that he was not thinking of a cake in the shape of a star. O'kay, armed with lots of information about what a night sky cake is not, I began browsing blogs and flickr photos until I had a general idea of what I could create for my son's Night Sky Birthday Cake.

After the birthday boy and I got on the same page about the theme of the cake, we moved onto the flavor and shape of it.  He wanted a tall round cake that, "kinda looks like a fat cylinder".  For the flavor of the cake he didn't really have a preference, but after browsing the color photos in my favorite cake cookbook The Cake Mix Doctor Returns!, we agreed that a Chocolate Peanut Butter Marble Cake with Chocolate Pan Frosting would be just perfect.  I then decided that I would create the stars and moon out of white chocolate using some molds that my daughter had in her chocolate lollipop making kit.

The Cake Mix Doctor, Anne Byrne's, directions for the Chocolate Marble Cake were, as usual for her recipes, thorough and clear.  She had suggested to bake this cake in a sheet pan, but going with my son's wishes, I used two eight inch round pans instead.  Using my offset spatula I had an ample amount of chocolate icing to fully cover the cake.  I made an additional batch of basic butter cream frosting that I tinted blue and loaded into my Williams Sonoma mechanical pastry bag for some further embellishing.

My son and my family loved the Night Sky Cake.  It was moist, flavorful, and delicious.  I'm not quite sure if this was what he had in mind when he put in his cake order, but he was thoroughly impressed on his birthday.  He said, "Wow, mom!  That's a Night Sky Cake!"  And I said, "Yes it is and I made it just for you!"  Can you feel the birthday cake love?

Night Sky Birthday Cake Directions

  1. Bake your favorite cake in two 8-inch circular cake pans.  Cool completely.
  2. Mix up a batch of your favorite chocolate icing.
  3. Mix up a batch of Buttercream Frosting, tint blue.
  4. Using white chocolate tinted yellow and a star and moon mold create a few stars and one moon. 
  5. Ice the cake with chocolate frosting.
  6. Embellish the cake with blue Buttercream Frosting.
  7. Place the stars and moon on top of the cake, pushing gently.
  8. Enjoy!   


  1. Wow, that's quite an awesome *night sky* cake. No wonder the birthday boy and the entire family loved it!

  2. Cute cake. I love the marble effect of the cake and the colors go perfect together.