Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Chocolate Bar in Houston Texas

The Chocolate Bar may have become famous because of its recent appearance on Food Network, but it will stay famous due to its unique chocolate treats and whimsical, inviting atmosphere.  My family and I found ourselves at The Chocolate Bar after seeing it on the latest Food Network show "Kid in a Candy Store".  My son, who turned eleven on Thursday, is a candy connoisseur who enjoys watching cooking shows.  We were thrilled to see a local shop on TV and planned a weekend field trip to visit The Chocolate Bar and its neighboring store Candylicious on West Alabama Street in Houston, Texas.

The Chocolate Bar's logo features a martini glass with the motto "Where Every Hour is Happy Hour".  My son pointed out that no alcohol is served at this sweet place and I discovered that no alcohol is needed.  As soon as we walked in the door my nose was filled with the rich, sweet aroma of chocolate and my happy tank was filled.  I was overwhelmed with all of the chocolate novelties that lined the shelves and tables in the store.  My eight year old son liked the chocolate hammer while my five year old was drawn to the chocolate letters and numbers.  I drifted over to the display case that was brimming with a vast variety of foods that had all been dipped in luxurious chocolate.  In addition to the traditional chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate covered cinnamon grahams, I was pleasantly surprised to find chocolate covered Pringles, chocolate  coated Twinkies, and chocolate Lucky Charms , just to name a few.  These chocolatiers think outside of the chocolate box!

While standing in awe of this bar of chocolate, I was greeted by a warm inviting voice that turned out to belong to the essence of The Chocolate Bar, Gilbert.  He is the co-owner of The Chocolate Bar and was more than willing to chat.  His passion for chocolate oozed from every word.  He shared about his twenty hours with the Food Network folks, pointed out some of his specialties such as the Texas Frito Brittle and chocolate covered breakfast cereals, and invited us to come back to help them celebrate their tenth anniversary on 10-10-10.   My husband and I made plans to stop by on one of our upcoming date nights and are thrilled that The Chocolate Bar is open until midnight on Friday and Saturday and until 10pm on the other nights.

Reaching the limits of their patience, my sons pointed me in the direction of the cafe side of the store and we began the arduous task of choosing what to purchase.  As my husband began to woof down his Chocolate Covered Twinkie, we gazed through the glass at the jumbo cookies, freshly churned ice creams, and mile-high cakes all of which, of course, feature chocolate.  My youngest sons each chose a large cookie, my older son got a slice of Bayou City Mud Pie, and I couldn't resist ordering a hunk of the Cadylicious Junkyard Cake.  The cookies were chewy and flavorful with a generous amount of either M&M's or chocolate chunks.  The Bayou City Mud Pie had a dense brownie crust that was filled with chocolate mousse and topped with whipped cream.  I reveled in my slice of the Candylicious Junkyard Cake that contains an array of crushed candy bars that float in a heavenly Bavarian cream.  Amazing!

Candylicious Junkyard Pie
Everything we bought at The Chocolate Bar surpassed our expectations, including the ample scoop of German Chocolate Ice Cream that my husband squeezed in right before our departure.  German Chocolate is my husband's favorite type of cake and he has been on a quest for a good ice cream version of it his entire life.  The Chocolate Bar's German Chocolate Ice Cream was everything he had hoped for and he said he will gladly drive the 26 miles from our home to get a bowl of it.  That is perfectly fine with me because I will visit The Chocolate Bar again and again for their incredible chocolates, and also for the hospitality and attention to detail that makes any shop famous in my book.


  1. This is definitely the kind of bar I would like to frequent!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Best d*mn ice-cream shop in Texas.