Monday, August 9, 2010

Candylicious Houston Texas

Once upon a time when I was knee deep in sippy cups, cheerios, and board books, my mom made the comment that I ran my home like a Kindergarten classroom. Not sure if that was a criticism or a compliment, I luckily got distracted by a crying baby and a food encrusted high chair and didn't think of my mother's statement again until recently.  Now, years later, when I am more preoccupied with Wii controllers that require new batteries, back-to-school fashions that need to be purchased, and future middle school students that must master the use of a combination lock,  I realize that she was absolutely right.  I fully embrace my roots as a Kindergarten teacher and can still appreciate naps, story times, recess, and crafts.   I even enjoy a good field trip now and again.  Currently my kids are older and although they might resist a nap, they can still appreciate a family field trip, especially if it's to an amazing candy store like Candylicious.

Last weekend before my husband and three sons and I visited The Chocolate Bar, we stopped by its neighbor Candylicious.  This candy emporium on West Alabama Street in Houston, Texas is any sugar lovers dream.  It is a vibrant and colorful storefront that is brimming with classic confections and modern morsels.  My kids were amazed  by the variety of Pop Rocks, Now and Laters, and Nerds that were on display.  They thoroughly enjoyed browsing the shelves that are cleverly arranged with Air Heads, Fun Dip, M&M's, and Pez of all types.  Choosing a small plastic basket at the front door and then carefully filling it with their goodies was a highlight of the trip.  Each of my sons had worked extra hard on their chores prior to our Candylicious field trip so their wallets were filled with crisp dollar bills just waiting to be spent on candy.  They were each able to purchase at least a half a dozen novelty items with their allowance money thanks to the reasonable prices.

As my sons and husband were deciding on their purchases, I enjoyed inspecting the candy 'cakes' that are for sale.  These are unique shapes that are creatively covered with popular wrapped candies.  I admired a candy coated pirate ship, red bird, and Star Trek Enterprise.  The Barbie doll with the candy skirt would make a great center piece at any little girl's birthday party as would the candy castle.  I was also impressed by the candy numerals and letters that are displayed around the perimeter of the shop.

My husband, who is also a candy lover, filled his goodie basket with classic candies that conjured up memories of being a boy in the 70's.  I overhead him utter comments such as "Oh, wow!" and "Hey, look at this!"  as he encountered watermelon flavored Pop Rocks, Candy Farm's neapolitan  coconut slice, and Charleston Chews.  He also gasped in amazement when he encountered the candy filled tins that were in the shape of the Ghost Busters symbol, Pac Man's Blinky, and Hello Kitty's pal Keropi.    As my mind was fast forwarding to birthday party favors and stocking stuffers, he was reveling in nostalgia and sharing his Pac Man high scores with our sons.

Anxious to start sampling their candies my boys each approached the cash register after our exciting shopping experience.  The pleasant young man behind the counter was cheerful and patient as my boys fished for dollar bills out of their wallets. His friendly attitude was the icing on the candy cake for our field trip. My sons are already asking when we can visit Candylicious again and I agree that this location will be added to our family fun roster.  Whether you ever taught Kindergarten or not, Candylicous is a perfect field trip for any family in the Houston area.


  1. What an incredible store! I will have to check it out next time I'm in H town. Hope your summer is ending on a good note!

  2. Super fun ~ reminds me of our trips to the candy store at Rehoboth Beach! ~CA