Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pokemon Pokeball Cookies

Pokeball Cookies
I remember a time, almost 15 years ago, when some Christians that I knew and saw on TV and ran into at the park were scared of Pokemon. They seemed mad and frightened that there was a new cartoon show on TV that seemed to go against God. Some forbid their kids to watch the show, others refused to let their sons and daughters play the card game, and I even encountered a few that preferred that their kids not play with children that were allowed to watch and play Pokemon. My own children were tiny at the time so I listened, but didn't formulate an opinion assuming that Pokemon would fall out of popularity before I had to address it. Similar to the Harry Potter phenomena, however, Pokemon did not go away and is still very much a part of popular culture today almost 20 years later.

If I remember correctly, the anti-Pokemon Christians were mainly opposed to the fact that these little pocket monsters that originated in Japan evolve. Pokemon change from one form to another growing more powerful and acquiring more skills. They battle against each other and have human trainers that care and teach them. I know these facts because currently my sons, daughter, and husband all love Pokemon. With some gently prodding from my loving and pop-culture informed husband, I accepted Pokemon. I resisted my tendency to ban all Pokemon related products from my home, I took my fears to God, and I came to believe that God has a much larger place in this world and in my children's hearts than Pokemon.

Now I am the proud owner of a Pokemon shirt, my kids play the Pokemon video games, and I attend a church that periodically has Pokemon battles for the elementary aged boys. My son celebrated his 6th birthday with a Pokemon party at which we served Poke Ball sugar cookies and Pikachu cookies. They were a huge hit! I made a double batch of my favorite sugar cookie dough, cut them with a circle cookie cutter, then iced them like poke balls and pikachus. My sons helped with the decorating and proudly served them to all the party guests. I'm not sure if any other Christians' opinions of Pokemon have evolved, but I'm grateful that I can enjoy Pokemon and love God too.

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  1. That cool love how thought cookies look.