Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fruit Kabobs

Fruit KabobsI've passed the pineapple lady at my HEB (our local grocery store) many times. She cuts up pineapples, passes out samples, and shouts a cheery 'Hello' to everyone who passes. My assistant shopper/4 year old son always enjoys a tidbit of the bright yellow fruit and shouts back a happy 'Mank You!' to the pineapple lady. On this day I also tasted a piece and it was luscious! It totally inspired me to have "Fruit Kabobs" for after school snack (healthy, fun, and portable).

In addition to the precut but fresh pineapple we also chose red grapes, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and watermelon for the kabobs. When we got home we prepared all the fruit and placed it in small containers. Then I realized I was out of wooden skewers. . . ugh. A quick trip to Wal-mart solved that problem and I also stumbled upon some small screw top plastic containers which would be perfect for leftover smoothie (recipe to come).

The older kids were greeted by a "Fruit Kabob" station when they got home from schools. They picked the fruit they wanted, slid it onto a skewer, and raced back outside to enjoy their snack. My oldest son did a pattern of strawberries and watermelon, my other son jammed on pieces of everything, my little one counted the fruit as he poked it onto the skewer, and my daughter asked if we could have fruit kabobs for breakfast too. I left the fruit bar set up for about an hour for the inevitable after school grazing and then packed all the leftovers away for lunch boxes and more snacks. Yummy and fun!

Fruit Kabobs

pineapple chunks
watermelon chunks
banana slices
wooden skewers

  1. Wash and prepare all fruit, cut into bite-sized pieces as needed.
  2. Place fruit in individual containers.
  3. Carefully poke skewers through the fruit of your choice until skewer is filled.
  4. Eat and enjoy!


  1. Nothing like edible art. An activity and nourishment all in one! Seems like something a teacher/mother might have thought of! Genious! -Chris Ann

  2. Actually I remember now that I made fruit kabobs as a Kindergarten Math Activity back in my teacher/human being days, but forgot all about it when I entered my teacher/mother days. . . until now.